Moorlands Primary Expansion

Closes 29 Sep 2017

Opened 31 Aug 2017


In 2015, 2500 additional primary school places were provided by the expansion of 13 schools across the borough. As the borough continues to expand with new housing developments, Reading has forecast a need for further primary school place provision. 
The greatest pressures from housing developments are in the central, north and south areas of the borough. The Education Funding Agency is committed to building two new primary free schools; The Heights Primary in the North and a new primary school in Green Park, which leaves a requirement for further places in the Central area.
Moorlands Primary School has been identified as a suitable school to provide the additional places, having the onsite capability and a good or outstanding Ofsted rating. The school also lies within a 2 mile walking radius from the area of demand and reached by two main bus routes.
Before we go ahead with the expansion of Moorlands Primary School, we want to give local people an opportunity to tell us what they think about the proposal. This is a statutory consultation under the School Organisation Prescribed Alterations to Maintained Schools (England) Regulations 2013.
Moorlands Primary School currently has a capacity of 420 and it is proposed this is increased to 630, providing an admission number of 90. It is proposed that the increased admission number will take place from September 2019, with the school reaching its full new capacity by 2025.
The closing date for receipt of responses to the consultation is 29 September 2017. A copy of the full proposal is available to download below. 

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