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  • Waiting restriction review 2019B

    To introduce, remove or amend existing waiting restrictions and parking places either in the interests of safety or in response to demand. This has necessitated changing or revising existing Traffic Orders. Objections or comments should be sent in by: Filling out the online survey below ... More
    Closes 27 August 2020
  • Abbey School Proposed Traffic Regulation Order

    The proposed changes to existing waiting restrictions is necessary to ensure that parents do not drop off and/or pick up thier children from Christchurch Road and/orVicarage Road within close proximity to the proposed accesses, which would have detrimental implications for visibility and... More
    Closes 28 August 2020
  • Reading Transport Strategy 2036 - Statutory Consultation

    Transport matters to all of us. It connects us with our workplaces, schools, friends and families. It affects our health, the air we breathe, and the streets where we live. It helps our economy to grow and our town to thrive, and it can make the environment around us clean and friendly or dirty... More
    Closes 30 August 2020
  • Adult weight management survey

    Having an adult weight management service available is an important part of helping people reach and maintain a healthy weight, and this can help to reduce a number of health inequalities. Recent evidence indicates that carrying excess weight is an additional risk factor for COVID19, so it is... More
    Closes 9 September 2020
  • Draft Design Guide to House Extensions

    We are consulting on a document which will give guidance to those planning to extend their homes on making a planning application and how it will be assessed. The draft Design Guide to House Extensions is a Supplementary Planning Document, which gives further details on... More
    Closes 25 September 2020
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