Cemetery Services consultation

Closes 12 Aug 2021

Opened 28 Jun 2021


In October 2020, representations were made to the Council stating that the Bereavement Service did not fully meet the needs of our communities.  Specifically, this related to our cemetery maintenance operations and the types of grave available to families.

A review of our service has been completed and we are now consulting on the draft proposals.  The proposals are provided in the document called Cemetery and Crematorium Rules and Regulations here. Further information about the review process can also be found in the Policy Committee Report here.

Rules & Regulations are a legal requirement for Local Authorities that manage cemeteries.  The current Rules and Regulations were updated and adopted by the Council in 2011. The Rules and Regulations apply to Henley Road Cemetery, Reading Cemetery and Caversham Cemetery only. They also apply to Reading Crematorium and Gardens of Remembrance based at Henley Road Cemetery. 

Why we are consulting

The aim of the consultation is to give our community the opportunity to provide feedback on the proposals. This feedback will also assist with the future planning of the service and ensure the Council continues to meet the needs of our community, where possible.

The consultation questions focus on 4 main topics:

1.The grave types / memorial options available

2.Opening hours and resources


4.The cemetery rules and regulations

This is an opportunity for stakeholders to provide feedback on the proposed changes, updated Rules and Regulations and help influence future planning of the service. 

The way we operate our cemeteries and the services we provide impacts a wide range of customers, both residents of the borough and families outside the borough who have loved ones buried in Reading. Burial traditions and faith burials often have specific requirements for how the burial should happen. Our aim is to provide an inclusive and fair burial service that meets the needs of our communities.

The consultation will commence on 28 June 2021 and last for a period of 45 days until 12th August 2021.

Once the consultation has closed, the information will be collated and reviewed. The final proposals will be submitted to the Policy Committee for formal approval. The Policy Committee is currently scheduled for the 23rd September 2021.

The results will be publicised shortly afterwards.


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