Remodelling of Reading Children’s Centres Consultation

Closed 29 Mar 2017

Opened 4 Jan 2017

Feedback updated 8 Dec 2017

We asked

for views on proposals for remodelling children’s centre services.

You said

1. Concern for the lack of provision in North Reading
2. Concern that identification of need would be missed
3. Lack of support for children over three years old with additional needs
4. Improve the efficiencies of the service

We did

1. Caversham Children’s Centre features in the new Children’s Centre offer as a satellite of East Reading hub
2. A new open access service for new parents and babies included in the new Children’s Centre offer
3. Targeted offer will extend to all SEND children under 5 years old
4. We are collaborating with Health, Maternity services, Voluntary groups, Libraries and sharing space in Community Centres.

Results updated 8 Dec 2017



Reading Borough Council is asking for the views of service users, members of the public and stakeholders, on the proposed remodelling of Children’s Centres. The feedback from this consultation will be considered by Councillors in Spring 2017.

This document sets out the proposal for remodelling Reading Children’s Centres for families with children under 5 years. Reading Borough Council has a statutory duty to consult about changes to, and closures of, Children’s Centres, which are part of the proposed remodelled Children’s Centre service.

Cuts in Government funding and increased demands on services mean the Council must make a further £40million of savings by 2020, and of this, £400 thousand must be met from the Children’s Centres budget. It is proposed that the total amount would be saved by implementing the remodelled Children’s Centre service.

Why your views matter

The amount of funding Reading Borough Council receives from central Government has more than halved in recent years. With public sector budgets expected to remain under pressure in the future, it is no longer feasible to deliver services at the same level, and in the same way. Therefore the Council is faced with having to make some difficult decisions to be able to deliver a balanced budget, as required by law- and provide vital public services to the people of Reading.

Residents’ and stakeholders’ views on these proposals for Children’s Centres are very important as the Council needs this feedback to inform decision-making to contribute towards the delivery of savings across the Authority.


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