Drug and Alcohol Strategy Consultation

Closed 23 Apr 2018

Opened 21 Feb 2018


The Reading Drug and Alcohol Commissioning Strategy for Young People and Adults 2018-2022 sets out Reading’s drug and alcohol related vision and priorities for the next five years.

The strategy has a community-wide focus, including children, young people and adults - whether they are consuming alcohol or drugs themselves or whether they are affected by other people using these substances.

Our vision is to reduce the harm, or potential harm, that misusing alcohol and drugs has on their individual, families and the wider community. We want to enable individuals affected by drug and alcohol misuse to recover and reach their potential in leading a healthier lifestyle with the help of all agencies in Reading.

The strategy comprises of three priorities:

  • Prevention; reducing the amount of alcohol people drink to safer levels and reducing drug related harm.
  • Treatment; commissioning and delivering high quality drug and alcohol treatment systems.
  • Enforcement and Regulation; tackling alcohol and drug related crime and anti-social behaviour.

The consultation will run from Wednesday 21 February 2018 to Monday 23 April 2018.

You can access the Reading Drug and Alcohol Commissioning Strategy for Young People and Adults - 2018 – 2022 below:


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Why We Are Consulting

The purpose of this consultation is to seek your views on whether you agree or not with the 3 priorities that we have identified to help achieve our vision. You don’t need to have used any services to have your say.

We believe that the best way to tackle such a wide range of drug and alcohol issues is to bring together all of the key stakeholders to agree and develop a coordinated strategy. Following the strategy consultation, there will be an implementation plan, with clear actions for each stakeholder to take forward and be accountable for. This will help us ensure that the priorities are achieved and that we keep track of our progress.

We want to know what you think about this strategy to ensure we are tackling the issues and the right improvements are being made.

Please contact us if:

  • You have any queries
  • You would like to receive a hard copy of the consultation questionnaire
  • You require additional support to understand or complete the questionnaire

If you prefer you can write to us to let us know your comments:

Wellbeing Team, Level 2, Civic Centre, Reading RG1 2LU

What Happens Next

The consultation closes on Monday 23 April 2018.

We encourage and welcome comments and feedback, which will be carefully considered. We are happy to be invited to visit interest groups to talk about the priorities and take feedback. For further information or for copies of the draft strategy you can contact us on 0118 9373244 or via email readingdaat@reading.gov.uk.

We will submit a “We asked, you said, we did” after the consultation.

A report on the response to this consultation will be made at the Council’s Health and Wellbeing Board on 13th July 2018.



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