Mapledurham Playing Fields Consultation

Closed 25 Sep 2017

Opened 14 Jul 2017


Reading Borough Council (the Council) is the trustee of the Recreation Ground Charity at Mapledurham (registered charity no. 304328) (the Charity). As trustee, it is responsible for delivering the object of the Charity, which is the provision and maintenance of the recreation ground at Mapledurham (the Ground) for the benefit of the inhabitants of the Parish of Mapledurham and the Borough of Reading without distinction of political, religious or other opinions (the Beneficiaries).
The Council has received two proposals relating to the Ground and is undertaking this consultation in its capacity as trustee of the Charity to seek Beneficiaries’ views on those proposals, particularly in relation to the Amenity Value of the Ground (i.e. the value of the Ground for recreation).
  • Proposal from Education Funding Agency:
    To lease part of the Ground to build a school and to provide £1.36 million to improve facilities.
  • Proposal from Mapledurham Playing Fields Foundation: To lease all of the Ground so they may fund raise to improve facilities and manage the Ground, without loss of open space.
More detail is provided in the attached document.
Please note that responsibility for decisions in relation to the Charity and the Ground has been delegated to a Sub-Committee of the Council (the Mapledurham Playing Fields Trustees Sub-Committee).
The members of this Sub-Committee are referred to in this document as the Trustees.

Why your views matter

The Trustees must decide whether granting the Lease to the EFA is (or is not) in the best interests of the Charity and its ability to advance its charitable recreational objects. While this is ultimately a decision for the Trustees, the views of the Charity's Beneficiaries are obviously very important.
Please read the the full consultation document before giving feedback.
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