West Reading Transport Study – Coley Park

Closed 18 Oct 2016

Opened 20 Sep 2016


We are currently consulting on transport issues and possible improvements for Coley Park as part of the West Reading Transport Study. The study has been established to consider options to help alleviate future traffic pressures resulting in part from the residential development at the former DEFRA offices site on Coley Avenue.

Why We Are Consulting

The objectives of the study for Coley Park are:

  • managing increasing levels of traffic and parking pressures
  • improving pedestrian and cycle facilities to provide safer access to schools and community facilities
  • encouraging better use of existing pedestrian and cycle routes and improving transport flows to and from Coley Park.

A public exhibition was held on Tuesday 20 September at Coley Park Baptist Church. The materials on display at the exhibition are available to download.

What Happens Next

This consultation is now closed. Responses to the consultation are currently being analysed before they are reported to the Traffic Management Sub-Committee in November.



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