SEND Local Offer Survey 2019/2020

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Closes 2 Dec 2019


1. Are you a parent, carer, relative, practitioner or a young person?
2. Are you aware of how to access the SEND Local Offer on the Reading Services Guide? (
3. Have you used the SEND Local Offer?
4. How did you find out about the SEND Local Offer?
5. If you haven't used the SEND Local Offer, please state why?
6. What information have you accessed on the SEND Local Offer?
7. Did you find the information you were looking for on the SEND Local Offer?
8. How helpful was the information?
9. If you did not find what you were looking for, please tell us what you couldn't find?
10. What do you like about the SEND Local Offer?
11. Was there anything else that would have made it easier to access the information you wanted?
12. What other information would you like to see on the SEND Local Offer in the future?
13. The Family Information Service/SEND Local Offer send out weekly updates on activities, events and services that are available to parent carers in Reading. Do you receive the weekly Local Offer information email updates?
14. If you currently don't receive the emails would you like to be added to the mailing list?
15. The Family Information Service/SEND Local Offer produce a Local Offer newsletter 3 times a year, and also produce a SEND Local Offer 16+ newsletter. How useful do you find the Local Offer newsletters?
16. Would you like to take part in an online parent carer feedback forum to help us improve and develop the information on the SEND Local Offer?
17. If yes, and you would like to find out more please provide email address and contact details.
18. Please let us know if you have any other comments about the SEND Local Offer ( the Local Offer Newsletter or email updates.