Whitley Orchard Expansion

Closed 5 Feb 2024

Opened 22 Jan 2024


At the start of 2023, a number of fruit trees were planted in South Whitley Recreation Ground, near the entrance from Lexington Grove. The hope is that over time, the fruit trees will begin to bear fruit and local residents and visitors will be able to pick fruit to eat and use as they see fit. The orchard will be free and open for all to enjoy. We hope to plant more trees in the area to make it a more exciting and vibrant location. We are also hoping to create a community group of local residents who are willing to take some ownership of the area, to care and maintain the trees, and the ensure that the orchard is something that everyone can enjoy for a long time.

Why your views matter

We need to check with the people who live near the orchard that you're happy for us to plant more trees in the area. We would also like to ask if you have any other ideas or proposals for ways to make the area an even better place to live and spend time.

What happens next

If you are happy for us to plant more trees, on 24th February, we will be hosting an event in the site of the orchard, to allow local residents the chance to plant more fruit trees and wild flowers, and to allow the community to come together in this new area for wildlife in Whitley Wood.


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