Active travel tranche 3: Castle Hill- Bath Road Proposals

Closed 23 Feb 2023

Opened 2 Feb 2023


As set out in our Transport Strategy 2036, we want to make Reading a great place to live, work, study, and play. Our vision is to develop a sustainable transport system that creates an attractive, green, and vibrant town with neighbourhoods that promote healthy choices and wellbeing.

We have secured more than £1 million through the Government’s Active Travel Fund to help us achieve this.

As well as helping to improve the health, wellbeing and safety of everyone in Reading, these proposals are designed to support the local economy and help tackle the Climate Emergency.

It will also benefit future initiatives within our Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan and Bus Service Improvement Plan. More information about these can be found here:

About this formal consultation

1.The implementation of traffic restrictions in the form of double yellow lines along Castle Hill between its junction with Russel Street with Jessie Terrace

The active travel plan for the segregated cycle track on the north side on Castle Hill formalises the need for a gap for access crossovers and we are proposing a total of 11 metres of double yellow lines to be implemented. This is intended to deter obstructive parking or loading/unloading activity, maintain the free flow of traffic/public transport and increase visibility and road safety to create a safer environment for pedestrians and pedal cycles.

2. Alteration to the length of the existing eastbound bus lane on Bath Road.

In order to accommodate two segregated cycle tracks at the west end of Bath Road it is necessary to adjust the bus lane to start at 44 Petworth Court, Bath Road where the carriageway width becomes sufficient to provide a LTN1/20 compliant ‘wide’ combined bus and cycle lane.

3. Removal of Tidal Flow on Castle Hill.

The highway width where the centre tidal-lane is located which provide additional capacity for the peak traffic flows, is not enough to accommodate two segregated cycle tracks.

The scheme for promoting Active Travel on this route removes the centre tidal-lane and redistributes the space to provide two cycle tracks at the edge of the highway. This will allow cyclists to cycle up or down the hill in a space that is segregated from traffic

This scheme will deliver a mostly segregated cycle facility in each direction, including a segregated facility across the IDR junction, achieved by reallocating some highway capacity currently dedicated for general traffic. There will also be improvements to junctions and crossing facilities along the route for pedestrians. 

Please see our concept maps below

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The overall scheme will contribute to the Council’s goal of making the town carbon neutral by 2030. Further details can be found on our dedicated Active Travel webpage


                                 Schedule 1: Bus, Taxi and Motorcycle Lane: 


A4155 Bath Road, West to East (with flow):The area of the carriageway of that length of Bath Road which extends from its junction with Haden Square to a point 14 m west of its junction with Janson Court bounded on the north side by the kerb line of that road and, where the kerb line is broken by the junction of that road with another road or an access way, by the line joining the said northern kerb line on either side of that junction and on the south side by a road marking cloying with Diagram 1049 in Schedule 6 to the traffic Signs Regulation and General  Directions 2002, broken only by the gap opposite the junction of that road on its north end side with another road or access way, by a crossing a foot passengers marked on the road in accordance with Regulations made under Section 25 Act or by street refuge.

                                    Schedule 2: Permit Holders Only 08R

Castle Hill, north side:from a point 41m west of its junction with Jessie Terrace to a point 10m west of that junction.

Castle Hill, north side: from a point 66m east of its junction with Russell Street to a point 5m east of that junction.

                                Schedule 3: No Waiting No Loading At Any Time

Castle Hill, north side: from a point 51m west of its junction with Jessie Terrace to a point 11m west of that junction.


Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing. Please download the PDF.
Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing. Please download the PDF.
Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing. Please download the PDF.

We want to hear your objections or comments on our active and sustainable travel proposals along Castle Hill- Bath Road. Your feedback will be vital in helping to shape the design of the scheme further before it is developed in the following years.

  • Filling out the online survey below
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  • Or in writing to M Graham, Head of Legal and Democratic Services, Reading Borough Council, Civic Offices, Reading, RG1 2L

This survey will close at 23:59 on 23th February 2023

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