ASB Team Closed Case Survey 2021-2022

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Closes 31 Mar 2022


1. At the beginning, how easy or difficult was it to report your ASB complaint to the team?
2. How would you rate how quickly you were interviewed about your complaint (either in person or over telephone)?
3. How satisfied were you with how the ASB procedure was explained to you by the case officer?
4. How satisfied were you that you were kept up to date with what was happening throughout your case?
5. How satisfied were you with the support given to you by your case officer during your case?
6. Overall how satisfied are you with the way your case was dealt with?
7. Taking everything into account how satisfied are you with the outcome of your ASB case?
8. Did the anti-social behaviour stop as a result of reporting it to the ASB team?
9. How willing would you be to report ASB to us in the future?
10. Any other comments
Completed by:
case officer
case reference