Coley Safer Streets

Closed 28 Nov 2021

Opened 15 Nov 2021


The following survey is your chance to determine how Safer Streets funding awarded to Reading Borough Council will be spent in the Coley area. The funding was awarded by Thames Valley’s Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner, who were successful in bidding to the Home Office, to address acquisitive crime in Coley (burglary, theft, robbery, theft from vehicles) and other local crime concerns.

Following a Coley Safer Streets Fun Day held on 19 September, where we asked residents for your ideas to help reduce acquisitive crime and other concerns, and have worked with colleagues and partners to design the following 6 projects to tackle those issues raised.
For the purposes of this survey, the 6 projects have been ranked (low to high) on a number of factors: evidence or intelligence of crime, fear of crime, likely impact on evidence of crime and cost. This is to help you make informed choices on which project/s you choose.

Please select up to 3 projects ranked in your order of preference with no. 1 being your favourite choice.


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