Electric Vehicle Charge Point Residents Survey

Closed 15 Dec 2018

Opened 18 Oct 2018


Reading Borough Council is always working to improve local air quality. Electric Vehicles (EVs) have zero tailpipe emissions, meaning that an increase in their uptake in place of traditional combustion engine vehicles will be good for local air quality. They can also provide owners with savings on fuel and running costs.

Although there are benefits to EVs there are also some barriers to their uptake. One of these is the lack of infrastructure, especially for an estimated 33% of Reading's population who cannot charge at home because they live in locations with no off street parking.

Having identified this as a challenge, Reading Borough Council has been successful in a bid for an Air Quality grant from the Department of Environment, Farming & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) to install EV charge points in residential areas with no off street parking. 

Why We Are Consulting

This survey aims to gather information from those living in areas of Reading with no off street parking to work out where there is demand for electric vehicle charge points to be installed.

What Happens Next

The responses received will be collated and the suitability of locations checked for the installation od electric vehicle chargepoints. Areas with the highest level of demand will be prioritised for the installation of chargepoints.


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