Garrard Street -Traffic Regulation Order consultation

Closed 4 Nov 2021

Opened 14 Oct 2021


The Station Hill area redevelopment has been gaining momentum, with works recently commencing to demolish Garrard Street car park and commence construction work on the site that spans both sides of Garrard Street. It is expected that there will be a safety and operational need to restrict stopping/parking along the street for a number of years during the various phases of major construction work.


It is recommended that, in seeking viable taxi feeder options for the horseshoe rank, that Garrard Street remains a linking route with the existing enforced ‘gate’ restriction at the Station Road link to remain in place. It is recommended that the existing small taxi feeder bay at the eastern end of Garrard Street be retained, as this will enable a small number of taxis to wait and feed the horseshoe rank with line-of-sight, as they currently do so. Due to the long-term development works, it is also recommended that parking restrictions are placed along the remainder of Garrard Street to prevent parking.


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