Granville Road area: resident permit parking

Closed 27 Oct 2019

Opened 30 Sep 2019


Reading Borough Council has been asked to consider the introduction of a Residents Permit Parking scheme in the following roads:

  • Bute Street
  • Coronation Square
  • Courage Court
  • Florian Gardens
  • Frogmore Way
  • Gainsborough Road
  • Granville Road
  • Maker Close
  • Virginia Way
  • Worcester Close

Please refer to maps at the bottom of the page.

This expression of interest has been reported to the Council’s Traffic Management Sub-Committee and Council Officers have been asked to conduct an informal consultation in your area to gather your views.

The purpose of this, and the additional information available on this page, is as follows:

  1. To provide you with information about the area that this informal consultation covers;
  2. To provide you with information about the Council’s Resident Permit Parking scheme and the parking restrictions that are available;
  3. To provide you with an opportunity to share your views; and
  4. To provide you with information about the next steps.

Have your say

At the bottom of this page you will find a map showing the area that is being covered by this informal consultation. Please note that private streets and areas of private land will not form part of any resultant scheme. You will also find a copy of the letter that has been sent out to residents.

Please complete the online survey below. The deadline for responses is Sunday 27th October 2019. If you are unable to complete this survey online, we kindly ask that you contact us so that we can enter your comments on your behalf.

Next steps

Officers will analyse the responses to this informal consultation and share them with your ward Councillors. The results of this informal consultation will determine whether any further development work is conducted and they will be reported to a future meeting of the Council’s Traffic Management Sub-Committee.

Should a scheme be put forward, the next stage will be a formal statutory consultation, which will enable you to formally support or object to the proposals.


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