Informal Consultation: Kings Road Outbound Bus Lane Change of Use

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Closes 30 Nov 2023

Your feedback

We are seeking your views on a potential change to the Kings Road outbound bus lane access, altering the restrictions to allow access for the following vehicles:

  • Buses (no change)
  • Motorcycles (no change)
  • Bicycles (no change)
  • Reading Borough Council licenced Hackney Carriage Vehicles (change 1)
  • Reading Borough Council licenced Private Hire Vehicles (change 2)

Your feedback is intended to be reported to the Traffic Management Sub-Committee at their meeting in January 2024.

As your feedback will be provided in a publicly accessible report, please do not include any sensitive, personal or identifiable information in your response. We will not be able to include this text in the report and its removal may impact the readability of your comments.

1. What is your primary relationship with Kings Road?
2. If ‘other’ selected, please specify
3. Would you support the potential change to the access restriction?
4. Please summarise the reasons for your answer