Private Sector Renewal & Disabled Adaptations Policy

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Closes 8 Feb 2020

Health & Well Being at Home Grant

This is a new grant and the purpose of it is to enable:

  • An applicant to manage their health and wellbeing in their own home;
  • Make a property suitable to facilitate safe hospital discharge;
  • Prevent hospital admissions or readmissions and
  • Reduce admission to long term care.

This grant will be up to a maximum of £5,000 and will not be based on income or savings. The types of adaptations/housing assistance that will be provided include stairlifts, ramps, deep clean, de-cluttering of essential rooms, repair/replacement of boilers. This grant will help Hospital Occupational Therapists to respond to unsafe housing to ensure safe and more responsive discharges from hospital.

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  • Grant maximum is £5,000
  • Enables an applicant to manage their health and wellbeing in their own home
  • Makes a property suitable to facilitate safe hospital discharge
  • Prevents hospital admissions or readmissions
  • Reduces admission to long term care

Eligibility criteria

  • Not means tested
  • Must have been assessed under Section 2 of the Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Act 1970 (Children).
  • Must be eligible for services under the 2014 Care Act. (Adults)
  • For private sector residents only including RSL tenants
  • A relative who fits these criteria may apply on behalf of someone who lives in their home or as part of their household
  • Can be an owner or tenant

Eligible works

  • Make the property safe and accessible for discharge and admission avoidance.
  • This may include deep clean, declutter of essential rooms, repair/replacement of boiler, or small adaptations such as stair lifts, ramps, ceiling track hoists

Non-eligible works

  • Works not supported by an OT and Technical Officer (Private Sector Housing Team)
  • Non-essential works for health & wellbeing
  • Where alternative adaptations to the existing home could be provided more cost effectively to meet the identified needs
  • Works costing over £5,000
  • Works that are not able to be completed within 6 weeks
  • Works or adaptation that have already been paid for prior to submission of the grant application
  • Works that have already been started or completed


  • Referral can be from Adult Social Care hospital discharge team, hospital OTs, community OTs, staff from Willows, Oakwood or Winter Watch
  • Works must be completed within 6 weeks from point of referral.
  • To be agreed by Disabled Facilities Advisory Group
  • Grant will be managed and administered by RBC Private Sector Housing Team and contractors will be paid directly
  • The grant does not cover modifications or adaptations in common parts of rented accommodation such as communal staircase.
  • No further grant for 5 years
1. Do you agree with the purpose of this grant?
2. Do you agree that this grant should not be means tested (not based on income and savings)?
3. Do you agree with the maximum grant limit of £5,000?