Thames Path Proposed Cycle Track

Closed 25 May 2017

Opened 27 Apr 2017


The opening of the pedestrian and cycle bridge over the River Thames - Christchurch Bridge, has provided a new traffic-free route across the river, however a gap remains in the cycle network on the south bank where the Thames Path is legally classified as ‘Footpath 1’ where the public has a right of way by foot only.

The existing legal status of the Thames Path (Footpath 1) results in cyclists being required to ride on-road, navigating busy roundabout junctions on Vastern Road and Caversham Road where there are high traffic flows, or to divert their journey to the north side of the river.

We are proposing to convert Footpath 1 to a joint footpath and Cycle Track. This would permit cycling for up to 6,450 metres along the Thames Path, linking west and east Reading via a traffic-free pedestrian and cycle route, and improve access to schools, leisure facilities, businesses and residential areas throughout the urban area.

Converting Footpath 1 to a joint footpath and Cycle Track will enable the footpath to remain on the Definitive Map.

We are advertising the proposed change as three separate Cycle Track Orders in keeping with the existing Footpath Orders for:

  • Roebuck Hotel to Caversham Bridge
  • Caversham Bridge to Reading Bridge; and
  • Reading Bridge to Kennet Mouth.

You can view maps of the 3 defined routes in the ‘Related’ section below.

Why your views matter

This consultation invites residents and users of the Thames Path (Footpath 1) to submit their views on the proposal to amend the legal status of the Thames Path to a joint footpath and cycle track.

Feedback on the proposals can be submitted via this consultation page, by email or in writing.

What happens next

The proposed Cycle Track Orders will be advertised from 27th April for a period of 28 days until 25th May.

The results of the statutory consultation will be reported back to Traffic Management Sub-Committee in the summer. At this point, the Cycle Track Orders will either be confirmed, if there are no outstanding objections to the proposals, or referred to the Secretary of State for determination.


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