Proposed withdrawal of Community Link bus service

Closed 1 Sep 2017

Opened 10 Jul 2017

Results expected 30 Oct 2017


Reading Borough Council has a duty to consider the transport needs of people who use bus services that cannot be provided as part of the commercial bus network. Reading Borough Council currently provides funding to support the operation of Community Link bus service 28 (plus 28a/18) and 991. About 40,000 journeys a year are made on these bus services (150 a day).
Passengers boarding at Kentwood Hill, New Lane Hill, Napier Road and Caversham Park Village average less than 10 a day and for Marchwood Avenue and Rivermead the number of people boarding is less than 5 a day.
As a result of severe reductions in funding received from Central Government, in July 2016 Reading Borough Council made a Policy decision that support for the Community Link bus service would cease from April 2018. The effect of this decision would be the withdrawal of this service.
It is the duty of Reading Borough Council to ascertain if this proposal would cause hardship to those who currently use this service.
What are we consulting on?
The proposed changes to the Community Link bus service are as follows;
  1. Withdrawal of route 28(and 28a/18) which provides Mon-Fri services from Kentwood Hill via New Lane Hill to Central Reading, Napier Road, Rivermead, Caversham Park and Marchwood Avenue.
  2. Withdrawal of schools bus service 991 which provides a Mon-Fri school day service from Whitley Wood and Coley Park to Prospect and Denefield Schools.
The result of the proposed withdrawal of route 28 (and 28a/18) would be that the following roads would no longer be served directly by buses; Kentwood Hill, New Lane Hill, Water Road, Napier Road and Marchwood Avenue.


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