Public Rights of Way Improvement Plan (ROWIP2) Consultation

Closed 19 Feb 2023

Opened 23 Nov 2022


Our Public Rights of Way are paths that the public has the right of access, which allow people to pass along them, even if the land is privately owned. You can walk on all Public Rights of Way, some are also open to horse riders, cyclists or motorists.  

The Council manages the Public Rights of Way Network in Reading, which constitutes 41 footpaths, three bridleways and one restricted byway.  Some of these are key routes connecting people to key destinations, such as the town centre, Reading Station, Green Park and Thames Valley Business Park. They are used by people travelling to work and school, as well as, rural-type routes that are used for leisure purposes.  Further information on our Public Rights of Way Network here. 

Our Right of Way Improvement plan (ROWIP) is a strategic document with objectives, themes and an action plan that covers all aspects of the management, maintenance, and improvement of the Public Rights of Way network to meet your current and future needs.  

Our first Rights of Way Improvement Plan (ROWIP1) was published in November 2007.  

We have developed an update to the plan ROWIP2 strategy. The aim of ROWIP2 is to maintain a high-quality accessible network that suits your needs for walking, cycling and horse riding and links with the transport network in Reading. ROWIP2 is strategically linked to Reading Transport Strategy (RTS 2036) 


During last summer 2021 we ran a consultation to get your input to help us develop our new ROWIP2 strategy Reading, and we received more than 200 responses. You can see the consultation results here. Your input helped us shape the strategy confirming our core theme priorities, your barriers to using the network and suggestions for improving the network informed our action plan.  

Your feedback will be vital in helping to shape our draft Right of Way Improvement Plan (ROWIP2).   This is now your chance to comment – to let us know where we’ve got it right. Do you agree with our strategy vision, objectives, themes and the actions in the action plan. 

This survey will close at 23:59 on 19th February 2023

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