Covid-19 survey

Closed 5 Aug 2020

Opened 22 Jul 2020


We're planning for Reading's recovery from the Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic and to help us do that, we'd like your views on how Council services have been provided during lockdown, where support is needed now and what matters most to you. 

The Covid-19 pandemic, and the 'lockdown' period, have brought unprecedented changes to all our daily lives. We have all felt the impact, whether it's working at home, being unwell, caring for others, being 'furloughed' or out of work, or suffering the pain of losing a loved one. 

Like other public services and businesses, at the Council we have had to change the way we provides service to local people. We have continued to provide critical front line services, such as social care and waste collections. However our public buildings have been closed and many services have changed significantly, or been temporarily suspended.  More services have been provided digitally, many face-to-face services have been moved online or provided over the phone, and in some areas booking systems are in place.

As the lockdown is being eased, we are carefully bringing services back, in line with government guidance, ensuring they are safe for both staff and public. However we also have an opportunity to review how services are run and whether some of the changes - such as increased online access - should be made permanent. 

Please fill out the survey to let us know your views on how Council services have been provided during lockdown, where you may need support and what matters most to you as we recover from the pandemic. This will help us plan our recovery and ensure we provide the right services and deliver them as effectively as we can.



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