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Open consultations and surveys

Closed consultations and surveys

  • Coley Safer Streets

    The following survey is your chance to determine how Safer Streets funding awarded to Reading Borough Council will be spent in the Coley area. The funding was awarded by Thames Valley’s Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner, who were successful in bidding to the Home Office, to address... More

    Closed 28 November 2021

  • Consultation on proposed changes to the Local Council Tax Reduction scheme for Reading 2022/23

    Reading’s Local Council Tax Reduction (LCTR) scheme began on 1 April 2013, when the Government abolished the national Council Tax Benefit Scheme. Our scheme helps “working age” people who have a low income, or no income, pay their Council Tax. Pensioners are... More

    Closed 21 November 2021

  • Garrard Street -Traffic Regulation Order consultation

    The Station Hill area redevelopment has been gaining momentum, with works recently commencing to demolish Garrard Street car park and commence construction work on the site that spans both sides of Garrard Street. It is expected that there will be a safety and operational need to restrict... More

    Closed 4 November 2021

  • Church End Lane: School Keep Clear restrictions

    Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) contributions have been made available to propose a new zebra crossing on Church End Lane, north east of its junction with Neath Gardens. Should a pedestrian crossing be approved for installation at this location, then the existing ‘School Keep... More

    Closed 4 November 2021

  • Norcot Road zebra crossing consultation

    Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) contributions have been made available to propose a new zebra crossing on Norcot Road, close to its junction with Blundells Road. This proposal establishes the Councils commitment in providing quality pedestrian facilities and to improve mobility for all. ... More

    Closed 28 October 2021

We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes. See all outcomes

We asked

We asked for your views on our initial concept ideas on 4 schemes:

• Bath Road/Castle Hill (Southcote Lane – Inner Distribution Road (IDR)/Castle Street)
• London Road (Borough Boundary to London Street)
• Shinfield Road (Christchurch Green – Shinfield Rise)
• Southampton Street (Pell Street/Crown Street –Bridge Street/Fobney Street)

You said

Out of the 928 responses recieved, the Shinfield Road scheme was the best supported and least opposed scheme.

We did

We obtained approval from the Strategic Environment, Planning and Transport Committee on 30th June 2021 to progress the Shinfield Road scheme. We will now commence the detailed design stage.

We asked

In December 2020 we shared three potential designs for the refurbishment of Cintra Park Children’s Playground. We asked residents to vote for their preferred option and leave their comments.

You said

The results of the public vote can be seen in the table below:

Cintra Park Children's Playground Refurbishment


Online Vote


Option 1 – HAGS



Option 2 – Sutcliffe Play Ltd



Option 3 – Wicksteed






  • Cintra Park is well used and in need of refurbishment, it’s tremendous news that it is receiving investment 
  • Not all items of equipment are wheelchair accessible within the designs, as they do not have linking paths
  • Play panels provide a range of stimuli for children of all abilities, please could more be provided
  • Pleased to see accessible play facilities, it would be wonderful to see accessible play equipment for older children
  • Cintra Park needs to remain secure during works on site

We did

Based on your feedback, we awarded the playground refurbishment contract to HAGS. 

HAGS’ design already included an abundance of equipment, however we worked with them to take on board feedback provided. All items of equipment within the playground will be wheelchair accessible, through the provision of linking paths. An additional three play panels were added to the original design, giving a total of five play panels.

We ensured there is a mix of equipment, for all ages and abilities. However, Cintra Park is not a destination park, significant destination parks are: Palmer Park, Prospect Park, Christchurch Meadows and John Rabsons Recreation Ground.

We are working closely with HAGS and RBC parks team to ensure that Cintra Park remains secure throughout works.

Next steps

Works will start on site on the 19th March and take approximately eight weeks to complete.

We asked

In Autumn 2020, Opinion Research Services (ORS) were commissioned by the Council to undertake a representative sample survey of 1,000 residents via telephone. The purpose of the survey was to gauge levels of satisfaction with the local area, the Council and the services it provides.

You said

When compared to our citizens panel survey of 2018, the results are very positive (although comparisons should be made with caution due to the different methodology used in 2018). However, the results are slightly lower than those from the Local Government Association (LGA) national survey, as they often are for more urban areas:

  • 77% of residents said they are satisfied with their local area as a place to live (compared with 65% in the 2018 survey, 83% in LGA survey)
  • 64% said they are satisfied with the way the Council runs things (compared with 38% in the 2018 survey; 68% in LGA survey)
  • 45% agreed that the Council provides value for money (22% in the 2018 survey; 54% in LGA survey)

The things that respondents thought are most in need of improving are:

  • road and pavement repairs (47%)
  • the level of crime (32%)
  • the level of traffic congestion (30%)
  • affordable decent housing (26%)
  • parking (24%)

We did

The results have been considered in the development of the Council’s Corporate Plan for 2021/22.

Road and pavement repairs again came out as the highest priority area in terms of needing to be improved – 47% of responses, compared to 58% in 2018, which indicates an improvement in the period which correlates to the Council’s investment in highways infrastructure. The Council has committed to invest £14.5m in the Council’s local highways infrastructure (including bridges) over the period 2021/22-2023/24 to continue to address this resident priority.

We’re refreshing our Community Safety Strategy and introducing a new Housing Strategy that outlines plans to improve access to good quality housing they can afford, within a thriving neighbourhood.

Our Local Transport Plan outlines investments in walking and cycling initiatives, public transport, and electric vehicle infrastructure that will make it easier for residents to make healthy choices, and feel the benefits of clean, green neighbourhoods.