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We Asked, You Said, We Did

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We asked

For feedback on the community safety in your area.

You said

The top priorities identified were:

1. Drugs (3rd in 2017)

2. Parking Issues (1st 2017)

3. Potholes (2nd 2017)

4. Burglary

5. Speeding (5th 2017)

We did

Many respondents suggested they would like to get involved in activities in their local community.  The Neighbourhood Initiatives Team at Reading Borough Council is starting to make contact with those individuals.  You can contact us here

  • Each Safer Neighbourhood Forum will receive a breakdown of the results for their area, the local groups can then decide their areas of priority and the action they take.
  • Issues such as parking, potholes and bins will be referred to traffic management and highways/streetcare for their information and consideration in line with the group’s terms of reference to focus on crime and disorder
  • Work from within the Community Safety Partnership e.g, actions on drugs will be shared with neighbourhoods when appropriate.

We asked

We asked for your feedback into the early stages of designing a new transport strategy for Reading to last the next 15 years.

You said

You gave a wide range of feedback about how we can make transport in Reading faster, simpler, safer, less congested, more connected, more accessible and better for the environment.

We have published the full results on the consultation page.

We did

This consultation was the first step in designing a new transport strategy for Reading.

We are now using your feedback to inform the strategy document, and there will be a further consultation on the draft strategy in spring/summer 2020.

We asked

…for your views on three proposed priorities for Reading’s next Homelessness Strategy to shape and inform our approach regarding homelessness over the next five years. This included determining if you felt there were any gaps we hadn’t identified.


Our proposed strategic priorities were:

  • Priority 1: Intervening early to prevent and reduce homelessness in Reading
  • Priority 2: Increasing access to decent, suitable accommodation
  • Priority 3: Supporting people who are vulnerable to recurring homelessness

You said

…you were in overall support of the proposed priorities with 93% agreeing they are clear; 93% agreeing with using Priority 1; 92% agreeing with using Priority 2 and 93% agreeing with using Priority 3 within a new homelessness strategy. You identified areas of disagreement and where you felt that priorities or groups had been missed.

We did

Following the closure of our on-line consultation and analysis of all stakeholder feedback, we drafted Reading’s Homelessness Prevention Strategy 2020 – 2025. The strategy will be presented to Policy Committee on 24th August 2020 supported by a full Consultation Report.