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We Asked, You Said, We Did

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We Asked

The consultation outlined the Council’s intention to review the catering service which was originally set up to provide hot meals at lunchtime to tenants and local residents at Cedar Court and Oak Tree House extra care housing services as well as The Maples Day Service based at Rivermead.

We asked for your views on possible alternative ways to access a meal at lunchtime and sought your view on the current service. We wanted to understand why you choose to eat/not to eat in the restaurant and we wanted to understand any impact closing the restaurant may have.

We wanted to use this feedback to inform the future catering requirements at these services.

You Said

The theme across the responses was that people did not want the restaurants to close. The majority of respondents wanted to maintain access to a hot freshly prepared meal.

72.5% of respondents from the Extra Care schemes (Oak Tree House and Cedar Court) indicated that they ate in the restaurants every day. 65% of respondents from the Extra Care schemes indicated that if the restaurants were to close they would not get a hot meal that day.

Of the alternatives proposed, only 30% of respondents from the Extra Care Schemes were happy to try a Fresh Meal Delivery Service and only 7.5% were happy to try a Frozen Meal Delivery Service.

75% of respondents from the Day Service indicated that they currently purchase the available hot meal. However, 37.5% indicated that they would not be bothered by a change to this service. 31.25% expressed concern that they would not get a hot meal that day.

Respondents from the Extra Care schemes wanted the restaurants to remain open, to continue to provide a freshly prepared hot meal alongside and opportunity to socialise. Respondents from the Maples Day Service were also keen to still access a hot meal but were more open to this being sourced elsewhere since it is not currently cooked on site anyway.

As well as responses from residents and service users, responses were also received from relatives, carers and an MP.

Responses also highlighted the number of people who would need assistance to prepare a meal should the restaurant close and that the restaurant had been an important factor when choosing to move into these schemes.

Feedback provided in the 6 Focus Group sessions also echoed the above views.

We Did

We reviewed the responses received and acknowledging the view that it would be best to keep the restaurants open, we sought a micro-business that would be able to use the kitchens to continue to provide a hot meal service.

We also looked at alternative ways to provide a hot meal including a hot meal delivery service.

We were successful is sourcing a micro-business to continue to provide a 7 days a week hot meal service in the restaurant at Cedar Court. This micro-business is also able to continue to provide hot meals to The Maples Day Service.

The landlord at Oak Tree House has also sourced a micro-business to continue to provide a service. This will be available 6 days a week (excluding Saturday, although cold food can be provided on the Friday to residents on request) and will provide a café service alongside one hot meal option each day.

There will be a change in meal price for each location. The meal prices are set by the micro-businesses and will therefore differ between sites.

At Cedar Court the meal price will increase from £4.45 to £5.05 for two courses (£4.05 for main course only). At Oak Tree House the meal price will change from £4.45 for two courses to £4 for a Main Course and £1.50 for a Pudding (£5.50 for two courses). At The Maples the price for a two course meal and refreshments will increase from £5.40 to £5.50.

We Asked

Are your children with SEND accessing their Early Entitlement and attending for their full entitlement and reasons why this is?



What support do you feel is needed for your children in Early Years Settings.

You Said

48% were not accessing their Early Entitlement and 25% were not able to access their full time entitlement.

10% were unable to access as the setting said they were unable to meet your child’s needs.

60% of you were not confident in the settings meeting your child’s needs.

10% will not accept your child due to safety needs.



20% were unable to access your entitlement as additional funding was not available.

More General and specific training for staff 

Additional Funding

More Specialist Early Years Provision



We Did

We intend to provide additional support, training and advice to support our Early Years Settings so that we are able to support children with SEND to be able to access their Early Year Entitlement for full time in preparation for starting school.



The Early Years Advisory Service are completing Myth Busting Sessions to remind Early Years Providers of their Legal Requirements to support children with SEN, and advise them of what support is available.

We have sessions booked for more training sessions at the Avenue Centre in October, November and January.

There are bespoke packages that are available to request for additional training, or whole setting training and these training packages can be included in these bespoke packages.

Following completing of the SEND Audits, further training will be planned depending on the outcomes of the Audits.

Training is being provided to all settings about the additional funding that is available to apply for to support children via the inclusion funding that the Government released in April 2017 to increase access and inclusion for children with additional needs in Early Years Settings.

The SEND Strategy is also looking at the provision available for all children with additional needs from aged 0 to 25 and what is available in Reading, with specialist Nursery Settings sitting on the SEND Strategy.


We Asked

Consultation asked for views on the Draft Local Plan, which sets out planning policies for Reading up to 2036.

You Said

There were around 150 responses, which commented on all elements of the plan.

We Did

A revised Pre-Submission Draft Local Plan will be subject to consultation starting on 30th November 2017.