Changes to catering services provided at Cedar Court, Oak Tree House and The Maples

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Closes 7 Jan 2018

Section 1 - Maples Day Service User

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We are looking at alternative options for supporting residents to be able to access meals at lunchtime:

For our Maples Day Service users suggestions include:

  • using a take-away delivery service (like fish and chips)
  • arranging a visiting sandwich service (selling sandwiches, salads, snacks, crisps, confectionary & drinks)
  • Making use of the catering services provided at the adjoining Rivermead Leisure Complex
  • Asking service users to bring their own lunch (some service users are already doing this)

1. How often do you usually eat at the Day Service?

2. Thinking about lunch on the days you use the centre - do you usually?

3. On the days you are not attending the Maples do you eat your main meal?

4. How do you think stopping the lunchtime meal service will affect you?

5. What other ways of receiving support to have a lunchtime meal would you be of interested in? (Please tick/select all that apply)

6. Do you have any other suggestions? If so, please give details below

7. Do you have any other comments about this proposal and the impact it may have? If so, please give details below

8. About you - please go to section 4 to complete and submit this consultation