Adult weight management survey

Closed 9 Sep 2020

Opened 13 Aug 2020


Having an adult weight management service available is an important part of helping people reach and maintain a healthy weight, and this can help to reduce a number of health inequalities. Recent evidence indicates that carrying excess weight is an additional risk factor for COVID19, so it is particularly important right now that we support people to reach a healthy weight.

Many people from black and minority ethnic groups are more likely to carry additional weight. They are also at greater risk from COVID19 for other reasons. We are learning more about this all the time, but the link between the two issues complex. What we do know is that it’s important that people from different ethnic backgrounds can access weight management support. In the past, though, they have been under-represented amongst users of these services.

Why We Are Consulting

With the current challenges of delivering services whilst COVID-19 is still circulating, digital services seem like an obvious approach. However, this isn’t without its limitations. We want to understand better what members of the public, particularly those from black and minority ethnic backgrounds, think about weight management services generally, and more specifically, their views and attitudes on using an online weight management service.


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