Use of Public Health Grant for 2019-20-2020-21

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Closes 6 Jan 2019

Consultation Questions

1. Have you used any of the services currently funded (in whole or in part) by Public Health Grant in Reading? (Please tick all which apply, including services you have referred other people to as well as using yourself.)

Summary of services funded or supported by Public Health Grant  in Reading (2018)

Smoking cessation
Weight management
Sexual health, including contraception and sexual health testing
Children’s Death Overview Panel
NHS health checks
Oral health survey
Healthy start vitamins
Children’s Public Health nursing: health visitors and school nursing
Enuresis service (support for bedwetting in children and young people)
Flu jabs for frontline health and care workers
Support to end drug and alcohol misuse (adults)
Support to end drug and alcohol misuse (children and young people)
Social prescribing to help people with emotional and practical needs which are affecting their health
Support to reduce loneliness and social isolation in vulnerable adults
Peer support for people who are HIV positive
Volunteer recruitment and training for suicide prevention
Carers breaks (for adult carers)
Carers information advice and support (for adult carers)
Homelessness support
Free Swims for Children
Support for teenage parents
Children’s Centres
Children & Young People’s Mental Health
Winterwatch project to help vulnerable people and families keep warm and well
Education Welfare Officer
Advice and guidance for young people Not in Education Employment or Training
Compass Recovery College for Mental Health