Residents survey 2021

Closed 18 Sep 2021

Opened 9 Aug 2021

Feedback updated 16 Mar 2022

We asked

In Autumn 2021, Marketing Means were commissioned by the Council to undertake a representative sample survey of 1,000 residents via telephone and in-street interviews. The purpose of the survey was to gauge levels of satisfaction with the local area, the Council and the services it provides.

You said

Generally, the 2021 results are either consistent with or better than those in 2020. For example, satisfaction with the way RBC runs things is up 2% to 66%; agreement that RBC provides value for money is up 10% to 54%.

Reading’s results are higher than those from the national LGA survey in terms of satisfaction with the way RBC runs things (66% compared with 56% nationally) and agreement that Reading Borough Council provides value for money (54% compared with 43% nationally).

However, satisfaction with individual services is generally lower than in 2020 (following the national trend), and broadly similar to those from the LGA survey. Highest satisfaction is with parks and green spaces; highest dissatisfaction is with road maintenance.

A summary of results can be found here at Appendix 12.

We did

The annual Residents' Survey provides insight to the Council to ensure that service improvement is carried out and that services are designed around feedback from residents.

Residents were asked about the areas which needed most improvement. The top three - and how Reading Borough Council is responding to those concerns - are:

  • 38% told the Council roads and pavement repairs were their priority: Over the past three years the Council has invested £9 million on Reading’s largest ever repair programme which will see 436 residential roads and many more pavements resurfaced. The Council is proposing a further £8 million road repair investment over the next three years in its latest budget
  • 26% said level of crime concerned them the most: The Council continues to work with Thames Valley Police colleagues carrying out a strategic assessment of crime issues in the borough and putting in place a new Community Safety Plan focused on reducing the level of serious crime
  • 26% also said affordable decent housing needed the most improvement: The Council is investing £88 million to build more than 300 new affordable homes over the next four years, reducing the housing waiting list and providing affordable rent properties to local residents, including provision for adult social care, sheltered housing and Reading’s essential key workers. A further £34 million is being spent on low carbon measures up to 2030 to improve energy efficiency in Council homes.

Please click here to read the full press release on the Residents Survey.


The Council has commissioned Marketing Means to carry out our next residents survey. This asks about residents’ views of the Council, its services and the Borough.

The survey will take place with a representative sample of residents, primarily by telephone, with limited in-street interviews, in August and September. Covid measures will be in place to ensure that the in-street interviews are conducted safely.

Why your views matter

The results will inform the planning of our budgets and services, to help ensure the Council is meeting residents’ needs and expectations.

Results will be published later in the year.

What happens next

We will publish the results when available later in the year.


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