Preparing for Adulthood Policy (Children Services to Adult Social Care)

Closed 18 May 2024

Opened 19 Apr 2024


Brighter Futures for Children (BFFC) and Reading Borough Council, Adult Social Care (RBC) are currently refreshing the Preparing for Adulthood Policy.

This proposed policy sets out the responsibilities of both BFFC and RBC to ensure that children who are eligible for support from Adult Social Care when they reach the age of 18 are known to Adult Services to ensure the journey from Childrens’ to Adults’ Services is properly planned and seamless for the young person involved.

This proposed policy has been sent to you and other relevant agencies in the public and voluntary sector for your comments. An Executive Summary is included as well as a PowerPoint presentation on the main points of the policy. 

We have a commitment to co-producing policies and procedures with those people who are receiving or will receive a service from us. We also consult with other government organisations such as the NHS, and with the voluntary and independent sector who may provide support and guidance to young people. 

We would like your comments on this policy to ensure that it sets out the steps to meet the needs of young people and is clear about who does what and when.

We would like you to consider:

  • Does the policy clearly set out the aims of enabling young people to move to adult services without obstacles or interruption?
  • Is it written in a way that can be clearly understood and avoids jargon?
  • Is it clear as to ‘who does what and when’?
  • Any other comments

The policy will then follow the approval process with the elected members of the council.

When approved the policy will be reviewed every year.

Thank you in anticipation for your time

Dr Roxanna Glennon, Head of Service and Strategic Lead for SEND - Brighter Futures for Children        

Sunny Mehmi, Assistant Director – Adult Social Care - Reading Borough Council    

Executive Summary

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Preparing for Adulthood Policy - for consultation 

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