Abattoirs Road / Caversham Road no right turn restrictions

Closed 24 Feb 2021

Opened 4 Feb 2021


With the gradual demise of off-street car parking over a number of years within the town centre area and imminent closure of the NCP Garrard Street car park; the intention is now to make Cattle Market car park more accessible. 

This entails a proposed vehicle entrance from Caversham Road via Abattoirs Road. Consequently there is need to manage turning movements at the junction to maintain road safety.  

The vehicle access via Abattoirs Road will be entry only and drivers will be required to leave the car park via Great Knollys Street joining the Caversham Road via the traffic signal managed junction which allows all turning movements.  Although drivers are required to leave via Great Knollys Street there is still a need to ban the right turn movements at the junction particularly the right turn from Caversham Road into Abattoirs Road.



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