Coley Park Community Centre

Closed 28 Apr 2017

Opened 18 Mar 2017

Feedback expected 19 Jun 2017

Results Updated 29 Nov 2017

The survey was completed by 76 respondants in the Coley Park Community Centre area of benefit, mainly through paper surveys attached to a newsletter completed at a number of local venues.



This is Coley Park Community Association's questionnaire to ask local people what they want their centre to offer and how best to contact local residents.

This survey is being facilitated by Reading Borough Council on behalf of CPCA.

Why We Are Consulting

Coley Park Community Association are a volunteer-led group who manage the Coley Park Community Centre for the benefit of the local community.

As our funding is being reduced, we need to make sure that we are running activities that meet the needs of the local community at Coley Park - your answers will help us plan the centres activities and how we promote them.


What Happens Next

Results will be brought to the Coley Park Community Association's committee meeting in April. Some further exploration of ideas for how the centre could improve communication/ offered activities will take place between April and the Annual Meeting on 19th June and this could potentially be written into the Community Association's business plan. There will be a further presentation/discussion on 19th June which is open to all residents living in the Community Association's area of benefit (a defined area of Coley Park).



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