Consultation – Reading Borough Council Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Vehicle Strategy 2023-2028

Closed 18 Sep 2023

Opened 14 Aug 2023


The Council are committed to ensuring that the hackney carriage and private hire sector remains integrated within the town’s sustainable transport network so that it can continue to move passengers to destinations safely, whilst contributing to the town’s economy with minimal environmental impact.

The proposed Strategy outlines the Council’s overarching vision and objectives for the hackney carriage and private hire trade in the town and sets out how the Council will achieve meeting the vision over the next 5 years. The strategy will help steer policy development over that period with all polices reviewed against the strategic plan going forward.

The Council has set out 4 key objectives which underpin the basis of the strategy:

  • Customer focused: high levels of customer service, accountable operators and drivers and a service which provides value for money.
  • Safe: the sector is trusted; passengers are confident in using the services and vehicles are modern and accessible for all.
  • Clean: the fleet is greener and cleaner helping to deliver services with a low environmental impact.
  • Well regulated: the Council has an effective regulatory framework to administer and enforce statutory and local requirements, to benefit both the trade and customers.

Why your views matter

The council is interested to hear views on the Strategy from the hackney carriage and private hire trade as well as the users of these services. Please send any comments to:

What happens next

A report on the response to this consultation will be made at the Council’s Licensing Committee on 7 November 2023.


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