Upper Woodcote Road: zebra crossing

Closed 4 Jun 2021

Opened 13 May 2021


With the development of the Heights School at Mapledurham Playing Fields, the Council is carrying out a consultation with the Police on the installation of a zebra crossing near the school. The crossing is intended to aid the movement of pedestrians to and from the school over the A4074 Upper Woodcote Road so as to promote the use of alternative modes to the private car and alleviate traffic congestion around the school. 

The location of the zebra has been chosen to serve those children living north of the school that would travel via Woodcote Way and beyond. This includes a large proportion of the school catchment. Although the catchment also includes areas to the west including Gurney Close and Crispin Close the pedestrian movement generated by these areas will not be as intensive and therefore those persons could utilise the pedestrian refuge island to the west of the school entrance on Upper Woodcote Road (which is also to be delivered as part of this development).

At the bottom of this page you will find a copy of the statutory notice for the zebra crossing, along with a drawing showing the proposed location of the crossing. 




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