Upper Redlands Road New Waiting and Parking Restrictions

Closed 1 May 2024

Opened 11 Apr 2024


Reading was awarded funding from Active Travel Fund, tranche 4, for the delivery of the pedestrian crossing at Upper Redlands Road to the value of £75,000.

This scheme would deliver a pedestrian crossing on Upper Redlands Road and is jointly promoted by the Council, St Joseph’s College and University of Reading. There is no safe place for children, university students or local residents to cross Upper Redlands Road.

This scheme would provide safer routes for children to walk to school as well as linking to the university via Elmhurst Road to our ATF2 scheme on the Shinfield Road as well as our ATF4 Development scheme at Christchurch Green

Based on observations, the crossing is positioned where the majority of people currently cross for the school (the desire-line), considering the proximity of bus stops on Alexandra Road and the catchment of students and others within the wider area. Relocating the crossing to the east of the school would distance it from the desire line, potentially reducing its utilization. Students and others may continue to cross at the desire line without assistance. 

At the time of the original design, the proposed bus stop relocation appeared appropriate. There was an additional intension to introduce as little change to the existing facilities (parking) as possible. However, after careful consideration, and acknowledging the concerns raised through the consultation process, Officers have revised their proposals. 

The revised proposal reduces the current shared-use parking availability from approximately 33m to 15m, with 16m being reallocated to the bus stop cage and the remaining 2m being utilised by the zebra crossing to move it further away from the junction with Elmhurst Road. 

The location of the new bus stop has been carefully made following extensive internal deliberations and thorough assessments of highway constraints along Upper Redlands Road. The removal of 18m of parking bays in this location is not expected to have a detrimental impact on parking in this area due to the existing provision of parking bays elsewhere on Upper Redlands Road and Elmhurst Road. 

While this action reduces the availability of shared-use parking, it beneficially confines it between zig-zags and a designated bus stop area. Moreover, the potential for bus stop overcrowding is mitigated by placing it between parking spaces and school-keep-clear restrictions. This approach is anticipated to promote better compliance and reduce the overall length of kerbside occupation, thereby minimizing potential congestion and, importantly, enhancing forward visibility.

The proposal also keeps the bus stop furthest from the crossing to further aid intervisibility at the crossing. 


Objections or comments should be sent in by:

  • Filling out the online survey below
  • Email to Transport@reading.gov.uk
  • Or in writing to M Graham, Head of Legal and Democratic Services, Reading Borough Council, Civic Offices, Reading, RG1 2LU

by no later than 1st May 2024. Please quote ref: Upperredlands if you are responding by email or post. 


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