Waste Management & Cleansing Feasibility Study

Closed 10 Jul 2023

Opened 27 Jun 2023


The purpose of this exercise is to enable Reading Borough Council to understand and consider the views of the local community in respect of the local waste management, storage, and cleanliness of the area. 

Specific focus will be on; waste and recycling storage, presentation of residential and commercial and commercial waste; litter; fly tipping; street cleansing; public access.

Why your views matter

The feedback received from our communities and stakeholders during this exercise, will inform a local area feasibility study and help develop recommendations for what steps Reading Borough Council can look at to improve the area.

  • Understand the local communities concern in respect of the local waste management (storage and presentation) and street cleansing.
  • Ability to feedback on prioritised concerns, based upon resident business landlord or other views.
  • Data gathered will be used to shape the feasibility study, through consideration of the local communities’ priorities.
  • The recent Heritage consultation data from Oxford Road will also be included where relevant.
  • The feasibility study will help to support future funding and investment considerations by RBC.


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