Kings Road Outbound Bus Lane Change of Use

Closed 21 Feb 2024

Opened 1 Feb 2024


We are seeking your views regarding a proposed change to the vehicles that can use the outbound (eastbound) bus lanes on Kings Road, which will include the section approaching the traffic signals toward Watlington Street. A plan is included in the ‘Related’ documents section below. The proposal is to allow use of the facility by buses, motorcyclists and cyclists, to restrict existing hackney carriage vehicle use to only those licenced by Reading Borough Council, and to allow use by private hire vehicles that are licenced by Reading Borough Council.

An informal consultation was carried out in November 2023 to gather views on this proposal and the results were reported to the Traffic Management Sub-Committee in January 2024. The Sub-Committee reviewed the feedback received to the informal consultation and made the decision to proceed with the proposal to change the use of these bus lanes.

This statutory consultation provides an opportunity for the public to formally support or object to the proposals agreed by the Sub-Committee. Please note that any prior feedback made to the informal consultation will not be included.

It is anticipated that the results of this new consultation will be presented to the Sub-Committee at its next meeting in March. The Sub-Committee will then decide whether the proposed changes should be implemented.

This consultation will be open until 21st February 2024 and we ask that you please complete the below survey to provide your views. As your feedback will be provided in a publicly accessible report, please do not include any sensitive, personal or identifiable information in your response. We will not be able to include this text in the report and its removal may impact the readability of your comments.


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